Early 19th Century Ludwigsburg Passau Bulb Pot

German Porcelain, LUDWIGSBURG (1758-1824)

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The great ducal manufacture of porcelain at Ludwigsburg, near Stuttgart in Wurtemberg, began in 1758-59, when J.J. Ringler was installed as director, at a faience-factory started two years before.
Clay was brought from Passau, fuel also from a distance, and the whole concern was evidently and extravagant one. By far the best work was done during the earlier part of the Duke Carl Eugen’s residence at the Palace of Ludwigsburg (1764-75). The return of the court to Stuttgart, in the latter year, and the Duke’s death in 1793 mark successive of Wurtemberg (1806-16), who brought workmen from France, but in 1824 the establishment was finally closed down.

The Ludwigsburg porcelain was never pure white, but smoky-toned or brownish-grey in color; but its suitability for plastic work, and the Duke’s preference, made figures from the first the most important productions. There are a great many models and it is not al all easy to assign them to particular artists.

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